What learning do school leaders do?

i am still learning

You are invited to participate in a survey of school leaders that seeks to understand the learning needs of the contemporary school leader. By completing the survey in the link below you will provide researchers with an understanding of work learning experiences that you find valuable in carrying out your role as a school leader. Recent research out of Canada suggests that the contemporary school leader’s role is a combination of administrative, informational and instructional leadership (Claude Fernet, 2011, Development and validation of the Work Role Motivation Scale for School Principals (WRMS-SP). Educational Administration Quarterly) which in turn influences the type of professional learning that is now necessary for a school leader.

Your participation will allow researchers to understand the learning opportunities that school leaders are seeking and needing, and how this may vary with school context. This study is being conducted by the School of Psychology of The University of Western Australia (UWA) as part of a Masters Research project. All responses to this study are completely confidential and cannot be traced back to individuals. To access more information about the study and to/or to participate in the 15-20min survey please click on the link



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