I’m not Bossy…I have Leadership

not bossy but leadership

Over the years I have had the opportunity, whether desired or not, to observe and experience a wide range of leadership styles. Some have been damaging, others inspiring and some just befuddling. Here is a short list though as I am far from perfect I fear I may have been guilty at times of demonstrating a couple of these.

  • The Ostrich – this one just hopes the bad stuff will just go away if you sit still and do nothing for long enough – not very useful in time of need.
  • The Whirlpool – a person with great energy, noise and excitement whose very presence creates a sense of busyness that dissipates as soon as they exit and leaves everyone feeling a little confused.
  • The Philosopher – wants to analyse every decision at a deep level and have a metaphysical conversation about the deeper meaning.
  • The Psychopath – keeps everyone on edge as no one knows exactly how they will respond to any given situation
  • The Fad Leader – reads about the latest and greatest idea in a trade magazine and the next day it becomes the new company plan
  • The Orator – great speeches but no action
  • The Magician – promises nirvana but delivers disappointment
  • The Bureaucrat – Creates great checklists that stifle any innovative practice
  • The Name dropper – knows someone who knows someone else – no conversation goes ahead without a couple of names
  • The Grenade Launcher – change management consists of creating maximum, unheralded restructures

There are others out there…and I am keen to hear all about them.

2014-04-07 22.43.08

Leading Yourself


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